Documentation for UF Students

UF Flexible Learning is available to UF students with advisor and DCE approval if the student is unable to attend a course on campus and that course is not offered online. UF Students can work with their advisors to determine if a Flexible Learning course is appropriate.

UF students may apply up to two (2) Flexible Learning courses towards a degree and must seek college dean’s office approval to exceed this limit. Advisors and the DCE office will approve access to a Flexible Learning course if the student is below the two (2) course limit and meets at least one (1) of the following criteria:

  • The student has a health concern
  • There are circumstances preventing the student from physically being on campus and the course is not offered online
  • The student requires off-calendar, flexible format solution for an “unusual circumstance.” Such a circumstance would include health, work, or other events, which make resident attendance not possible.

Registration Process for UF Students:

Students will register through the Flexible Learning website. They will be required to submit the Course Approval Form completed and signed by their Academic Advisor. Course Approval forms must be submitted via email at DCE will provide the final approval and notify the student.


Financial Aid

Any UF student seeking to use financial aid (other than Florida Prepaid) for a Flexible Learning course should speak with a representative from the Student Financial Affairs Office to determine if their financial aid can be applied towards their Flexible Learning course. Also, visit the Financial Aid Office’s website for policies concerning UF Flexible Learning.

Florida Prepaid funds can be used for UF Flexible Learning as well! During the registration process, you will have the opportunity to enter in your plan number.

The total shown will be a pre-authorization hold for the entire amount; however, your card will not be charged until we receive all necessary documents. After you complete the registration process, your fees will be adjusted by our staff.

You will be charged the balance of what is not covered by your Florida Prepaid plan. Florida Prepaid will be billed for the remaining tuition balance. You may contact Florida Prepaid at 800-552-4723 if you have any questions about your plan.

UF Student Information

  • UF Students should not enroll in Flexible Learning courses if they have financial or academic holds on their record at ONE.UF. All holds need to be cleared prior to enrollment.
  • Former UF students who previously attended UF in a degree-seeking status, but did not subsequently earn a bachelor's degree, are not eligible for non-degree registration. You need to apply to be re-admitted to UF.
  • Students who have academic goals such as graduation or applying to graduate school, are strongly advised to complete their course(s) 14 days prior to their personal deadline. This is to ensure the grades will be posted in time for transcript requests.
  • Course Cancel: A tuition refund is granted within 30 days of enrollment; a request must be in writing by email. Include in your email, your full name and the course you wish to cancel. If a credit card was used to pay for tuition, the refund will be in the form of credit to that card. Please call our office (352-294-6300) for up to date refund policies. No refunds are granted after 30 days.
  • Dropping a course:  To drop a course, you need to email the Flexible Learning office at with a request to drop within 14 weeks of the date of enrollment. In addition to the student's initial request by email, UF students must have advisor approval to drop a flexible learning course. An advisor can email with the student’s UF ID, the course that they want to drop, and confirmation of permission to do so. It is the student's responsibility to verify that all drop requests have been received by the Flexible Learning office within the allotted time. The course grade will appear as "W" on a UF transcript.

Students intending to apply for admission to UF

UF Flexible Learning courses offer non-degree credit at the University of Florida. If you apply and are admitted to UF, these credits will automatically count towards your degree, unless your college indicates otherwise. Please check with your college/department about taking UF Flexible Learning courses prior to registering.

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