Terry Kinder

"Initially I felt that completing two five credit Spanish courses my senior year of college was going to be a disaster. However, the flexible schedule with the ability to complete course work on my own time was wonderful. As a busy mother, wife, community volunteer and full time history student at the University of Florida I knew it would still be a struggle. Thanks to the amazing Professor Jiménez, who always contacted me when I fell behind and gave me consistent encouragement on the phone and through email, I pressed on each week. I learned so much more than I anticipated. I even found myself using Spanish with people in my community and extended family members who were fluent in the language just because I was excited to share what I learned. The courses were never easy and it took a lot of hard work but I managed to complete both courses on time and maintain an A average. The best part of Flexible Learning courses is the ability to put coursework on hold while you catch up on other classes, study for a major exam or write a research paper. When I needed that time to focus on other classes I was able to do it without being penalized in my flexible learning course."

Nicole Martini

"The UF flexible learning program allowed me to complete graduate school prerequisites at my own pace while keeping up with my busy work schedule.  The online course was well organized and easy to figure out.  PowerPoint presentations, podcasts, online quizzes, and the ability to take exams close to home all made the experience of online learning better than expected.  The Introduction to Statistics course I took was great!  The podcasts were just like being in a classroom hearing a lecture.  When I did have questions, the staff at UF were all very helpful and pleasant on the phone.  I would highly recommend the UF flexible learning program to anyone, whether you have a busy work schedule or home life."